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Filing & Domesticating Foreign Judgments

Enforcing Foreign Judgments in Ohio 

Our firm is a full-service business and commercial law firm which believes all judgments need to be collected in order to be considered successful. Many firms simply focus on obtaining a judgment without any plan on how to collect the judgment or consideration as to whether it can be collected. Our firm recognizes your ultimate goal is to recover the monies you are owed under your judgment.   


As part of our services the Law Offices of Robert J. Simon, LLC domesticates and files foreign judgments throughout the State of Ohio. Our firm is willing to domesticate and file a foreign judgment in any Ohio county wherein the judgment debtor may reside and/or have an interest in real property. Domesticating an out-of-state judgment is not a difficult process, but Ohio has 88 counties and they do not all have the same steps for filing and domesticating an out-of-state judgment.


To begin the process you will need to provide our office with an exemplified copy of the underlying judgment. As soon as we receive the original exemplified copy of the judgment we can begin the process of domesticating the foreign state judgment in Ohio.


There is no reason to spend your money if there is no chance of recovery.

Once domesticated, if you so choose, our firm can continue the enforcement of your judgment in Ohio and develop with you a customized and creative judgment enforcement plan. This plan will consider the costs of pursuing the judgment versus the likelihood of recovery—as there is no reason to spend your money if there is no chance of recovery. Such plans can include: wage garnishments; real property foreclosures; bank levies; garnishments on third parties holding assets of the judgment debtor; on-line asset searches; public record searches; retaining an outside investigator; written post-judgment discovery requests; judgment debtor examinations; subpoenaing bank and other business records; filing liens on real property; restraining financial accounts; and/or bringing separate legal actions to challenge fraudulent conveyances or to potentially pierce the corporate veil. As each matter is unique, we will work with you to develop an enforcement plan that best balances the cost of collection with your chances of an actual recovery.


Whatever your wishes in filing and domesticating a foreign judgment in the State of Ohio, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss what our firm can do to meet your needs in an effective and efficient manner.

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